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Elements of Religion
James Morales
April 17, 2013
Joseph Becker
Elements of Religion
Religion is a way of life for much of mankind, and though all religions are not the same, do all religions do the same thing? Can religion be considered as a way to unite mankind, or viewed as a way to segregate them. Lines are drawn by religions even though many look to religion as a way of life. To join again is the linguistic meaning of the word religion. To search or find the divine or sacred is what drives mankind to follow religion in all its shapes and forms. From Christianity to Buddhism, to indigenous religions such as the Native Americans, or Igbo tribes of Africa, while studying religion what components will be deemed critical to the composition of a religion, and what issues will be faced while studying what a religion does, and how. What are some of the ways a religion will honor the sacred, to include different rights of passage in a religion. (Malloy, 2010) The basic concepts of religion seem to bind most religions together. There are eight all together, the belief system, community, central myths, ritual, ethics, characteristic emotional experiences, material expressions, and sacredness. When humans are raised in a particular setting it is easy to become narrow minded, but if one was to step back and examine the eight previously mentioned concepts, it would seem many religions have more in common than what is on the surface. Examining how a religion gets is message out would be a start, from different teachings through texts, doctrines, stories, and myths. Next would be what do different religions do, from worship to prayer pilgrimage, and rituals. Then how do religions organize themselves, most have some kind construct, or hierarchy. Religions look to leaders and have social relationships, and most religions promote some kind of outreach to the community. (Malloy, 2010) Some of the key critical issues in the study of religion may be...
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