Topics: Islam, Religion, Christianity Pages: 3 (1226 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Religion in the World Today
As Victor Hugo once said, “I am religiously opposed to religion” and I agree with him completely. Religion has been a part of our world for centuries but not everyone has to believe in the same thing or even have a religion of any kind, it is all a choice and a right that we are granted. When I was younger my parents decided that I could believe in anything I wanted to when I grew up and that they weren’t going to push a specific religion on me with explicit beliefs and rules. The thought of being able to pick my own religion delighted me, I was extremely excited but I wanted to choose my religion carefully. We I found out that there were about 21 major religions in the world let alone minor religions and different branches of them in addition to that. I had a plan though; I was going to learn as much as I could about the major religions, find one I felt strongly about and then practice it. Sounds easy enough right? Well, I had no idea that I set my goals a little higher than I could reach. When I gained knowledge of these religions I found that they were all so similar with their belief systems and their rules, but I didn’t seem to be able to connect to any of them. Later, I established a theory that having a religion seemed to cause more harm than not having one at all. In my opinion the earth world would be better without religion, not just certain religions such as Judaism, Catholicism, or even Buddhism but religions as a whole. I am not insensitive to other people’s beliefs and religious views, nonetheless I feel having religion causes more harm in the world than it does good.

During all of my exploration I found that almost all religions have similar belief systems and rules. For instance Christianity and Islamic religions are almost exactly the same although many people would argue that they are nothing alike. Although they are different in many ways, people argue about it because these things have different names in...
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