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Religion is something which is common to all humans. Either they have been born to it or they have adopted it. Even those who do not believe in any particular god or religious teaching in fact falls in to a category as atheism. Therefore, writing a religion essay is a task relevant to all students. This is a common high school essay and students may be called on to write on religions which are other than their own. The aim of such essay writing assignments would be to increase awareness and empathy of other religions as much as to develop writing skills.

In writing an essay on a religion, immaterial of whether it is your own or not, one must extend utmost sensitivity and tactfulness. Bear in mind that all religions basically teach humans to be better persons although their values and beliefs can differ markedly. Some religions such as Christianity believe in one omnipotent god who is all powerful and all forgiving. Hinduism believes in many gods and one all-mighty creator of the world, the Brahma. Islam too is a religion which believes in one god. On the other hand, if students were to write on Buddhism, they need to realize that this is more of a philosophy preaching a pious way of life than requiring compliance to a god’s will.

Considering the differences and similarities in various religions, students may have the option of writing a compare and contrast essay or simply an informative essay. However students may sometimes be required to write an analysis essay on a particular aspect of a religion. Such a task should be handled without any bias and the analysis should be objective immaterial of the student’s own personal convictions.

An essay paper on a religion should be written only after comprehensive researching and reading of related material. This is especially so if the student is assigned to write on an unfamiliar religion which is not his or her own. In such cases, careful reading of central material is a must and careful understanding of the...
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