Topics: Religion, God, Judaism Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Adrian Linnear-Walker
December 5, 2012
Brian Wilson

When the term religion is brought up, many different things came to mind. From the mention of praise, to the almighty God all the way down to prayer in general, everyone in everyway uses religion. However, many factions and cultures all have different techniques used in religion that fall on the same basic guidelines as the next. It’s these key similarities that leave a person to think about could we all worship the same GOD and just have a different view about how that GOD could be. To try to get a good understanding of how all these different types of cultures tie in and relate to each other, a person must first understand what the basic concept of religion is. It can vary from culture to culture but it still boils down to one thing, and that is the way of trying to connect with GOD or GODS. It just depends on what a culture believes to be a higher power to be. Besides that, each religion also shared some kind of system that each one had to communicate with and honor GOD. Each religion also has a community that they share their beliefs with, not to mention ways they each religion feels that people should act in the world. Take water for example. Water is use by all religions in some type of way. Christians use water to baptize while Jews on the other hand will use the water for rituals of purification. Besides community and ethic morals that different religions may share, they’re are also connected in several other ways as well. There are different terms that can describe the different types of cultures that practice different religion such as monotheism. It means mean that to the religions that believe there is only one GOD that is the ultimate in control in the universe. However, even though there are many cultures that have religion, there are people that don’t believe in GOD or any kind of higher power at all. These types of people are usually called atheist. Then there...
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