Relief Logistics

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Week 2:

Relief Logistics

What is it?

The basic task of a logistics system is to deliver the appropriate supplies, in good condition, in the quantities required, and at the places and time they are needed.

In reality, relief logistics is a systems exercise, which involves a performance that is coordinated and integrated from wide group of specialists. Much of this activity, particularly the work of the control and support staff, is hardly visible to the outsider.

Mainly relief logistics is concerned about moving goods and equipment, but it also relocates disaster-affected people, transfer casualties, and move relief workers.

Some emergencies generate a limited need for very rapid, and very specific deliveries from outside the area, and sometimes from outside the country. This can include the re-supply of small quantities of critical medical items in some major emergencies; delivery of communications equipment or generators to key facilities; or provision of specific repair items for “lifeline” systems such as urban water supply, sanitation, electric power, or public service broadcasting. This is often accomplished by small teams, in one or two vehicles, delivering specifically requested or pre-designated supplies to a particular location.

Basically, relief logistics is:

• The delivery of the appropriate supplies in good condition, when and where they are needed

• A wide range of transport often improvised at the local level

• Limited, rapid, and specific deliveries from outside the area

• A system of prioritizing various relief inputs

• Storing, staging, and moving bulk commodities

• Moving people

• Possible military involvement (especially in cases of civil conflict)

What are the challenges?

There is definitely quite a number of challenges that are faced in the operating process of relief logistics. The main challenges faced are:

• Capacity of the...
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