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This project is being wrote in ......
This work is about reliable sources so I, to come up with the problem statement, thought about which subject is more general and after that it was easy to come up with the problem statement.
This report is being wrote for the subject writing skills that is inserted on the module Media in its context. This is the report that every student should do for this discipline. The report is about reliable sources and every aspect that can be involved in that subject, like how we can determine if a source is reliable.

The client of this report is NedNets University

Management Summary
This work is being made by me and I took place as a consultant and was asked to make a report for NedNets University, with the objective of helping all the students and staff to know how to use a reliable source and other subjects related with the issue.

A source is also known as a reference and indicates where someone took the information from so the reader can check the credibility and search for furthers information.
There are divers’ types of source like primary source (information retrieved directly from the subject of study) or secondary (information retrieved from primary or other secondary sources).
To check if a source is reliable the author should look for certain aspects on the document like the author (check its credentials and if he/she is a specialist on the topic); Date of publication (Is a recent work/ up to date or out-of-date? Check for revisions); Edition or Revision (is it the most recent edition of the work? If it is not it means that an update or revision has been made); Publisher (If it is from a university it is likely a scholarly work); Title of the journal (Is it a popular or scholarly information?); Intended audience (Is it written for kids, university students or general public?) Writing Style (formal? Informal? Is it clear?).

A source should be cited when the information taken is a direct or indirect quotation and should not be cited when it is common knowledge or the authors experience/ observations.
A source should always be written to avoid plagiarism and give credits to the authors of the information.
The most common styles when citing is APA style, MLA style, The Chicago Manual of Style, Harvard Referencing, and Vancouver style.
A reference normally includes the authors, date of publication, name of the article, page number and punctuation.

Table of contents


This report was made for NedNets University where the subject reliable sources will be discuss in detail and as well as other subjects related to the topic such as how to cite a source.
This report is relevant to NedNets University because the topic reliable sources is a subject with several discussion, good and bad and this report may help all the staff and students to have a better understanding on the subject.

The role as a consultant that is being occupied by me will be to do a research on the topic and try to make it clear and understandable to the public. And also give advice for future use of sources.

The main question (problem statement) on this report will be “How should NedNets use sources properly?” and the sub questions “what is a source?”, “How can a reliable source be determine?”, “How can we cite a source correctly”.

The research methods being used in this work are desk research using the help of internet websites.


What is a source?
A source is a word, phrase indicating where the information used came from, can also be called reference. This should be put in all the works and reports since it helps the reader to find where the authors found the information they used to complete it and gives credibility to the information.

Normally the list of sources is stated in a bibliography that is put in the end of the report.
The different types of...

Bibliography: Stenden university. (2011). APA Style – quick guide. Retrieved from stenden university website
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