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Reliable Sources Worksheet

Locate two sources in the University Library on a topic of your choice. Provide the required information for both sources.

Source 1

• Author: Dan Caspi and Nelly Elias
• Date: August 2009
• Title: Don’t Patronize Me: media-by and media for minorities • Publication: Ethnic and Racial Studies Vol. 34 No. 1 January 2011 pp. 62_82

Write a 100- to 150-word response to each of the following questions:

• Is the source reliable? How do you know?

Yes, this source is reliable due to the fact that I received it from the University Library. To ensure that I used reliable sources I used the check mark that says peer reviewed, that ensures that the sources I use are credible. This source is an excerpt from a textbook. The authors also cite their own sources for what they wrote. This source uses more than one point of view. The authors are both Professors in Communication studies which gives them the credibility of talking about anything media related. The excerpt from this book is recent in that it was published in a text book in 2011.

• Is the information relevant to the topic?

Yes the article is relevant to the topic. Our topic is why we need ethnic media. This article gives examples on why we need ethnic media and its roles in political and cultural influences. The article talks about the differences in media for minorities and media by minorities. How each part plays a different role. Both venues state the ups and downs of each side.

• Does the information reflect a bias on the author’s part? If so, what is the bias?

The article is about media for minorities and media by minorities. He believes that the media for minorities, which is made for the minorities by the majority attempts to dictate their agenda onto the minority. It is a publicity tool used for the minority to try to become like the majority. Personnel and Ownership are also...
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