Reliable and Trustworthy of the Website and Online Is When You Can Trust Where You Can Get Your Information from on the Website

Topics: Source, Website, The Hoover Company Pages: 2 (785 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Reliable and Trustworthy of the website and online is when you can trust where you can get your information from on the website.  The source is  the authority of that page or the biographer where he info comes from. The purpose of this is in tended for the audience and the general readers ,students or the consumers reading levels and graphics on page. Bias is about the information who is responsible for the website content and where the website is produced and publication and recent updates and last updated material. The currency is when the website was produced and last updated. I looked up on the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration through the Hoover company records and it was published in 2013 through Dunn and Broadstreet Inc. the source type of report is company profile. The Three Characteristics of a Reliable/Trustworthy WebsiteSource (Includes authority)The author whether it be a person, group, or company is identified and credible. Their association  to the sponsor of the site is stated. Questions like: who is responsible for the editing of information?; is this author biased towards one view-point?; what makes this author an expert in their field?; can help make using a site for research an easier or clearer choice.Purpose (Includes audience and bias)The purpose is the reason for which a site exists. For a site to be reliable, the purpose of the site should not be ajoke or based solely on opinion. The language should be intellectual and wellwritten. The site should be authoritative. The suffix .org or .com doesn’t really mean the site canbe trusted. Looking for an About or an About Us section can produce some of this information.   Question like: who was this site created for? and Is the site professional or a personal page? May    help locate the purpose of a site.Content (Includes currency and accuracy) The substance and material the site is presenting. The information is up-to-date and is as correct and factual as it can be. When was this site...
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