Reliability and Validity

Topics: Validity, Nutrition, Answer Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: October 29, 2014

LaShawn Ayers
The reliabity for the qualitative study that I did was very reliable. Usually surveys that are only done once are not as reliable but I did my research more than once. I surveyed the children at my daycare, once before I started the internship, and once more on my last day of internship. Staying basic with the questions was a must because the children were only between the ages of three and five. After realizing that their answers was about the same I could see the consistency. Each time I asked the children the same questions, because I did not want to confuse them. With some of the children I changed the questions to see if the answers was consistent and it was. This shows that I had great reliability with the study that I was using. Internal Validity

I believe that I used adequate controls. My controlled variable were the questions that I was asking. I was in control of what was being asked and the way that it was being asked. I made sure that the questions were not difficult. My questions were written well enough for the children to understand what I was talking about and to give well answers. I asked the questions that I believed would further my research and helped my research. External Validity

My studies can be applied to daycares and care givers. They can use my findings to see what children are eating that may be making them obese. My topic solely focuses on children between the ages of three to five and I believe that this survey can help care givers out everywhere. This can reduce the rate of childhood obesity and also can bring awareness to this topic.
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