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Software Reliability, Modeling and Uncertainty – An Independent Study

Software Reliability, Reliability Models & Uncertainty Principles - An Independent Study

Bhavya Jain [09ITMG1020CSE ]


Software Reliability, Modeling and Uncertainty – An Independent Study

It is to certify that the work that has been presented in this Report entitled “Software Reliability, Reliability Models & Uncertainty Principles” submitted by Bhavya Jain (09ITMG1020CSE) to the department of CSE & IT, ITM College (Autonomous), Gurgaon, is an authentic record of students’ own work carried out under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Bablu Pandey, Assistant Professor, Department of CSE & IT.

The work embodied in this report is original and was conducted at ITM University, Gurgaon. This report is an authentic work done by them under my supervision.

Ms. PRABHA SHARMA (Head of Department) CSE & IT

Mr. Bablu Pandey (Mentor)

Bhavya Jain [09ITMG1020CSE]

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Software Reliability, Modeling and Uncertainty – An Independent Study

It is distinct pleasure to express my deep sense of gratitude to my learned mentor Mr. Bablu Pandey, Assistant Professor, Department of CSE & IT, ITM College (Autonomous), Gurgaon, for his invaluable guidance, encouragement and patient review. Without his help and guidance, this study would have been rather impossible. I am grateful to him for introducing such an interesting topic to me for my work. He has been very helpful and Cooperative as a mentor. I express my immense pleasure and thanks to all the teachers and staff of the Department of Computer Sciences and Information Technology Engineering for their cooperation and support. Last but not the least, I thank all others, and especially my classmates and my family members who in one way or another helped me in the successful completion of this work.

Bhavya Jain (09ITMG1020CSE)

Bhavya Jain [09ITMG1020CSE]

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Software Reliability, Modeling and Uncertainty – An Independent Study

Software Reliability is the probability of failure-free software operation for a specified period of time in a specified environment. Software Reliability is also an important factor affecting system reliability. It differs from hardware reliability in that it reflects the design perfection, rather than manufacturing perfection. The high complexity of software is the major contributing factor of Software Reliability problems. Software Reliability is not a function of time - although researchers have come up with models relating the two. The modeling technique for Software Reliability is reaching its prosperity, but before using the technique, we must carefully select the appropriate model that can best suit our case. Measurement in software is still in its infancy. No good quantitative methods have been developed to represent Software Reliability without excessive limitations. Various approaches can be used to improve the reliability of software, however, it is hard to balance development time and budget with software reliability. In software reliability modeling, the parameters of the model are typically estimated from the test data of the corresponding component. However, the widely used point estimators are subject to random variations in the data, resulting in uncertainties in these estimated parameters. Ignoring the parameter uncertainty can result in grossly underestimating the uncertainty in the total system reliability. This report attempts to study and quantify the uncertainties in the software reliability 4modelling of a single component with correlated parameters and in a large system with numerous components.

Bhavya Jain [09ITMG1020CSE]

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Software Reliability, Modeling and Uncertainty – An Independent...

Bibliography:   Mr. Bablu Pandey, Assistant Professor, CSE & IT Dept., ITM University Uncertainty Analysis in Software reliability model by Bayesian Approach and Maximum Entropy Principle, Yuan-Shun Dai, Member, IEEE with his fellow members and student members Computer System Reliability Modeling, Analysis and Optimization, Long Quan, B.Eng., USTC
   
Bhavya Jain [09ITMG1020CSE]
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