Relevance of the British Monarchy

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The British monarchy has always played an important role throughout history. It has managed to create such wealth and power such as the Golden Age of Elizabeth I. Within her 45 year reign she established the Church of England and saw voyages of discovery which lead to the accumulation of riches beyond its borders. The monarchy has also gone through various changes to throughout its realm such as the declaration of King Henry VIII as the only supreme head of the Church of England, separating from the Roman Catholic Church. Only through Britain’s history can its greatness and riches truly be shown. In the Glorious Revolution of 1688 the British monarchy was turned into a constitutional monarchy restricting the powers of the sovereigns. Ever since then, the monarch’s role and functions have been by convention, ceremonial. The British Parliament and the government, headed by the Prime Minister, are the ones who exercise effective political power.

Although the queen no longer has a political or executive role in the British monarchy, she is still regarded as the Head of State. Through more than 1000 years of history, the title as head of state enables the monarch to assume constitutional and representational duties. As current Head of State, the queen must remain neutral in political matters and cannot vote or have a say in any elections. However, she does have important ceremonial roles in Parliament such as opening sessions of Parliament. The queen is also considered Head of State of Canada, Australia and New Zealand where, as a constitutional monarch, plays important symbolic and constitutional roles.

The Queen is also known as the supreme governor of the church of England or the “Defender of the Faith”. She recognizes the Church of England and the Church of Scotland as the official churches of each country respectively.

In addition, the monarch is recognized as the...
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