Relaxation Paper

Topics: Aerobic exercise, Exercise, Physical exercise Pages: 3 (1159 words) Published: April 17, 2011
Kobe Ryan
KNES 342
Relaxation Paper

The method I chose as a relaxation/stress-relief technique is Exercising. Exercising is one the most important things to do to keep your body not only healthy physically, but mentally as well. I find myself going to the gym almost five days a week to relieve myself from the stressful environment that I endure every week. Whether it would be from work, school, or issues happening at home or around me, Exercising and going to the gym will help me clear my thoughts and keep my body physically in check. After I exercise, I find myself sleeping much easier with all the stress gone as my body becomes exhausted from the cardio workout that I have been doing. Exercising can be the cure of physical impairment in the body and can help relieve you, even if it is for the moment, of unnecessary thoughts, depressing moments, and emotions that you are feeling. I have chose this method as a way to deal with my stress that I have been feeling, especially at night, that keep me awake and lead to sleep deprivation. There are many ways to exercise, but one type of exercise that I do every week are aerobic exercises such as running, specifically using the treadmill and stair-master, night-jogging, and bicycling. Doing aerobic exercising not only helps improve my overall physical health, but it also helps improve my cardiovascular and circulatory system. The physiological aspects of improving your circulatory system by cardio workout is to help increase the heart to pump more RBC (red blood cells) that carry oxygen and distribute it throughout the body. I find myself losing more weight each week, which I plan on doing for the past year, build up my endurance, and help with cope with my breathing intake as I am working out. One of my stressors that I had been feeling for the past year is my low self-esteem due to my physical appearance. I was 50 pounds overweight and needed to trim down to fit into my old clothes again and feel good...
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