Relaxation Increases Productivity

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Relaxation Increases Productivity

Katie Fritz

SCI/100 Paradigms of Health

May 13, 2013

Mr. Todd Curran

Relaxation Increases Productivity

Stress management is important for staying healthy. There are many different techniques. These techniques work differently for each individual. There are stress techniques such as yoga or tai chi, which teach people how to stretch, and breath. These types of exercise promote relaxation. There are other types of relaxation such as meditation, deep breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation, which teach people how to breathe using lungs completely. This proposal will convince employers that progressive muscle relaxation is a positive program to offer employees, to keep them relaxed, and refreshed.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a technique where people work on relaxing muscles, one area at a time. It is recommended to start with the feet and then continue up the body. This technique relaxes groups of muscles at the same time. Donatelle (2009) stated, “The process is designed to teach awareness of the different feelings of muscle tension and muscle release. With practice, you can quickly identify tension in your body when you are facing stressful situations and consciously release that tension to calm yourself” (p. 97). It requires people to be sitting or lying in a comfortable position. When inhaling, simultaneously, people will contract a muscle. Employees would hold this position until feeling tension. Then, as exhaling, the muscle would be released. This can be a calming and relaxing technique for employees.

This technique has been positive for this writer in that muscles that ache due to stress have begun to feel less tight. Due to hours of computer work each day, this writer feels tension in hands, shoulders, and neck. It helped to relax this writer’s body when lying on a comfortable rug, with windows open to allow for fresh air,

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