Relationships of a Christ-Centered Person

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Relationships of a Christ Centred Person

We’ve been studying the various aspects of a Christ centred person. We looked at his finances, his work, his spirituality, the way he handles sensuality and the way a woman ought to be. Today we want to take a look at his relationships. Now although we are half way through the series it’s important to understand what we mean when we say Christ centred. We don’t just mean that you say you believe in Jesus claims or that you attend church regularly. When we understand this word centred it will define our understanding of Christ centred living. We understand what makes up our solar system by what revolves around the sun in the solar system. Similarly a Christ centred life can be identified by how everything about it revolves around Christ. When we strive for that kind of life it becomes one which is dripping with purpose. God not only breathes life into our spirit when we come to Him, he offers to breathe a living purpose into every aspect of us and our life. Today we want to understand how he does that to our relationships.

We will be looking at 3 books in scripture to understand this concept and will be looking at 3 areas of relationships for a believer in Christ.

1. Relationships at home: Genesis 2:18-24

Now I realise a lot of you are not married but I also know that most of you have the desire to be married. We want to understand it means to be Christ centred in marriage as well. I have spoken on this topic before and so if you’re hearing it for the 2nd time maybe God really wants to get a point across to you. If we look at the story of creation we see how God creates everything and at the end He creates Adam. Scripture goes on to say that for every living thing a partner was found but for Adam there was none. In verse 18 Genesis teaches us that God thought it was not good for man to be alone. All my growing up years I misread this story and I grew up thinking Adam was lonely and out of pity for his loneliness God created Eve. This messed up my reasons for romantic relationships and marriage itself. I was under the misguided impression that love and marriage were to satisfy my problem with loneliness. Please note the word used there - ALONE! The bible did not teach that Adam was lonely and depressed. For all we know he was enjoying his time with God and nature. After all he must have been talking and walking with God of all creation in a perfect relationship with Him and so must have been satisfied. But through all this he was alone. God had created him, and given him a mandate. Basically God had a purpose for Adam’s life and God saw the purpose and the man and said it is not good for him to be alone. So God made a suitable helper. Suitable to allow Adam to be who God wanted him to be. Young people, what are your reasons for wanting to get married? If your answer is she’s hot, or cute you have to grow up. If your answer is because your lonely, or he will complete you then you have to grow out of yourself. If you are in marriage or seeking it with a selfish reason that tops your list of “why’s” then you got to change. Take a good look at your marital or potentially marital relationships. Are they intentional or are you just going with the flow of things? Do you see your spouse as someone who helps you become who God wants you to be. In his book The Sacred Marriage, Gary Thomas keeps returning to the refrain – What if marriage was intended by God not to make you happy but holy? We have to be ok with the fact that marriage is not about, not even about our spouse it is eventually all about God and His purposes. A Christ centred marriage revolves around Him.

2. Relationships in Church: Hebrews3:12,13 ; 10:24

We’ve been coming to church for ages… some of us. We’ve grown up with friends in church… some of us. What does it mean to build relationships in church? I have friends who always talk to me about football and Manchester united. I have others who...
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