Relationships - Consequence of Choice

Topics: Family, Son, Father Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: March 11, 2007
Relationships – Consequences of Choice
Everyday choices identify our character and have lasting impacts on the relationships experienced with one another. Choice is the determining factor that results in decision making, and ultimately is what leads to all our behaviors and actions. In the story "The Father" by Hugh Garner, he develops the idea that a father's choice of actions toward his son can inadvertently cause discomfort, resulting in an ineffective relationship. The initial choices made by an individual greatly influence their future state of affairs. In this story, the son, Johnny, is "too shy to ask his own father" (Garner 65) if he would go to a scout meeting with him. The fact that he was too shy to ask for himself shows that a barrier had been built between father and son. This was most likely a result of the father's neglecting his son. John, the father actually "knew that most of the time he was too preoccupied with other things to pay much attention to the boy's activities" (66), which becomes evident later on, when he cannot recall the name of his son' baseball team, or even the position which his son plays. His lack of interest in his son is shown when he had been called to the school in order to discuss his son's poor marks in reading. "When the teacher had suggested keeping the boy in the same grade for a second year, he had acquiesced willingly, wanting only to get away from the place. The boy had looked up at him, bit his lower lip, and had left the principal's office. From then on their distance from one another was greater than ever." (66) Later on in the story, when the father and son arrive at the boy's scout meeting, they are greeted by one of the scout leaders. When he acknowledges Johnny's exceptional swimming ability, the father dishonestly agrees; he actually has no idea. "Though he was aware that the boy had been going two nights a week to a neighborhood high school pool, he had never thought of him being an exceptional...
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