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Relationships: a key characteristic of a meaningful relationship is the ability of the people involved to listen and respond to each other. They communicate effectively; they are committed to staying in the relationship e when communication is difficult. Would you like the same kind of relationship your parents had?

I would not like the same relationship my parents have had because there are secrets and lies. My mother will grant me permission to do something. My stepfather behind my mothers back will either threaten me or bribe me to not tell her that he has asked me to do otherwise. One prime example of this is I will ask my mother and step father if I can invite friends of mine they know over to the house while they are away on vacation. My mother will always say yes, and then ask my stepfather what he thinks, and he will say yes. My stepfather has a strong fear of people that he is not close with being in the house while he is away. Later on he will approach me when my mother is not around and bribes me into no having any friends over the house. This is obviously some serious dysfunction.

There are times where my mother may one to do something but my step father gives her a hard time about it so she goes and does it behind his back. There are also times where my stepfather wants to do something but my mother gives him a hard time about it then my stepfather goes behind my mothers back.

There was also once a time when my mother was upset with me so I asked her for money for a field trip I was going on when I was in high school. My stepfather felt badly gave me money behind her back. Just as I was leaving she then felt bad and handed me money. So I wound up having double the money, which was nice. Later on she somehow found out he gave me money then she got really angry with him.

There was also a time when my stepfather told me I was not allowed to eat the leftovers from dinner with my mother standing there. My mother later brought me the left...
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