Relationship Paper

Topics: Exchange, Social exchange theory, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Whether it is at school, work, home, or any other place, I maintain relationships everywhere I go. There are many different types of relationships I have with separate individuals. I have relationships with friends, my boss, my girlfriend, my parents, and with God, but all of those relationships are different. Relationships can be close, distance, personal or impersonal. When analyzing my relationships there are many different elements that factor in. Some of those factors that are involved, such as similar interests, reliability of the relationship, time spent with one another, types of activities we both participate in and the level of intimacy. Through my relationships, I have continued in my personal growth and development. I have been so fortunate for the relationship I have with a very remarkable woman who has influenced me more so than any other relationship in my personal growth. She has helped me gain a direction for my life and helped me shape my future. At first, I did not see her everyday, but she still guided my actions, and shape my behavior. I met her through a mutual friend and we just began talking. We started to realize that we had so much in common and we began to gain interest in one another. One problem, we lived thousands of miles apart. Illinois to Virginia was a long way. We have never met in person, only through the Internet and video

chat. There were no rules or commitment, as we were just friends. We would joke about how we could make the perfect couple but never thought it was possible because of the distance between us. But there was an invisible pull that we could no longer ignore. After realizing we couldn’t deny these feelings any longer, she decided to come to Chicago so we could finally meet in person. After the long drive, she was finally there. I have talked to her almost non-stop for the last 2 months and even gained feelings for her but finally seeing Kelsi in person for the first time was a whole new experience. We...
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