Relationship of Sexual Activities to Academic Performance

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Academic performance is vital for entrance into good high schools, colleges, graduate schools and most-sought high-salary companies. In fact, grades, the formal and most common measure of academic performance, become significant as early as pre-school and remain significant through the process of seeking employment, as many employers request transcripts along with job applications. Good shipping companies in the Philippines which provide excellent compensation offer scholarship grants for the assurance of having highly-competitive graduates which they will utilize and then obliging the scholars to maintain high grades otherwise they will no longer be part of the grant. One’s academic performance is measured for a significant portion of his or her life. Past grades play an influential role in critical decisions made by others about one’s future. In society today, academic performance plays an essential role in dictating the future of an individual. It is important to determine and understand the influences of academic performance on other aspects of everyday life. Sexual activity is a part of many people’s lives. Once considered taboo, sexual activity among young people is becoming a cliché. It is thought that sexual activity may have some relationship with academic performance. What, if any, relationship exists between sexual activity and academic performance? How do the two relate? Is the correlation positive or negative? What explanation lies behind the relationship between sexual activity and academic performance of PMMS BS marine engineering graduating students? Background of the Study

One might expect a negative relationship between sexual activity and academic performance for several reasons. Becoming sexually active might cause a decline in academic performance because sex may psychologically distress or emotionally distract students, causing them to pay less attention to coursework. However, the direction of causality may run in the opposite direction. Poor academic performance may cause PMMS marine engineering graduating to become sexually active. College students may become disillusioned or depressed due to receiving low grades and may psychologically compensate for their feelings of academic inadequacy by seeking fulfillment in sex. Or, it may be that there is no causal link between early sexual activity and academic performance but rather an association due to unmeasured heterogeneity. A research has been done on the information on the sexual activity on college campuses. A longitudinal study by Schvaneveldt, Miller, Berry, and Lee (2001) found a negative correlation between the age of one’s first sexual intercourse and one’s academic performance. Bjerklie (2003) states that among college students living away from home, 56% are sexually active. People often over or under estimate what they believe is happening in their environment, especially in terms of their peers. For example, a clear majority of college students polled at a major university believed their peers had had sex with multiple partners over the past year; however, a small percentage had multiple partners Khoury (1998). This study brings up the issue of honesty. If a student inflates his or her responses in order to stay on par with incorrect perceptions about his or her peers’ sexual activity, it makes reliable research in the area of sexual activity problematic. Research concerning sexual activities is difficult to perform. First, as with just about everything, people’s definitions of sex change from person to person, and across gender (Bogart, Cecil, Wagstaff, Pinkerton, and Abramson, 2000). Bogart et al. found that sex was usually defined as “vaginal or anal intercourse” and that some people also define “oral intercourse” as sex (2001). The need for clearly defined operational definitions is extremely important when dealing with a topic such as sexual activity. Knox, Sturdivant, and...

Bibliography: Rector, Robert and Johnson, Kirk A. Ph. D. Teenage Sexual Abstinence and Academic Achievement. The Heritage Foundation 214 Massachusetts Ave. NE Washington D.C. 2002 202 546 4400
March 11, 2013
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