Relationship of Public Administration and Public Management

Topics: Management, Public administration, Governance Pages: 3 (828 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Jake A Paredes
Relationship between Public Administration and Public Management

After reading the bulk of files downloaded from the internet about Public Administration and Public Management, I tried to analyzed their respective definitions and I realized that these two contexts have similarities and differences with each other. I also feel so interested to further dig up this subject matter for me to be able to clearly distinguish and how substantial one theory from the other. This subject matter is important to me because I believe as a public servant I have to know the various approaches of these two theories which I normally and sometimes unknowingly practices when engaging to different stakeholders.

In Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word “public” refers to the people as a whole or particularly the populace. When I “administer” my men into combat, I make sure that they are well-prepared mentally, physically and emotionally. I used the word “administer” because according to the dictionaries, “administer” is synonymous to direct, to lead or to control. Logically, combining these words would simply give Public Administration the meaning “directing the people”. But if you search it in the open source like the Wikipedia, Public Administration is defined as the organization and implementation of government policies and programs as well as the behaviour of the people responsible for the conduct. As a military official, I am responsible in implementing the standards, policies and programs in our organization. Truly, many of the jobs of elected and unelected government officials are also done by our organization in similar ways with regard to allocating funds, personnel administration, decision-making, planning and exercising our authority in accordance to the constitution. This is the reason why I can say that our respective jobs are similar but different in methods and in purposes as well. Many would also say that being a military official, you...
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