Relationship Marketing

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Lane Crawford is a famous fashion shop in Hong Kong. They are selling Womenswear, Menswear, Jewellery, Cosmetics and Home and Lifestytle products. Their main market is youth and middle age. In those six models, I am going to tell which models Lane Crawford is using. Customers markets is the Lane Crawford more focus on. Customers markets are the most important of the six markets models. Customers must important; at the same the firms also focus on marketing activity. However, marketing activities need to decrease direct at transactional marketing. The marketing activities are focus on acquiring a new customer and building long term customer relations. Lane Crawford has some events in each month, only VIP and magazine reporters can get the invitation. In the event is showing the new arrivals for the guest. That it is telling us Lane Crawford is concern those customers because they building up long term relation with which people have higher purchase. Referral markets, Lane Crawford is always try many new brands, if the market comment not good they will change the other brands. Alliance and supplier markets, Lane Crawford always join many international fashion, that keep long term relationship with all the vendor and supplier. Internal customer is the main way in Internal Marketing. This is the first idea of every employee and every department in an organization. The aim is to maintain the operation of that organization is optimized be maintaining that every employees and department both provides the best service. The second way is let all employees work together in a way that is with the organization's strategy and targets. Lane Crawford provides many trainings and good benefits for the all staff. Every season it arranges different staff to have some training tell more about fashion knowledge and product knowledge. Let staff can provide good presentation for the customers. They can offer staff a competitive salary, including bonus and salary adjustment every...
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