Relationship Influences on Teachers' Perceptions of Academic Competence in Academically at-Risk Minority and Majority First Grade Students

Topics: Education, UCI race classifications, Tour de Georgia, University, Perception, School / Pages: 2 (326 words) / Published: May 19th, 2011
Relationship influences on teachers ' perceptions of academic competence in academically at-risk minority and majority first grade students

Henry okechukwu

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Curriculum Studies and Instruction
Michael Otedola College of Primary Education
Noforija-Epe, Lagos State

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This study examined the associations among child demographic variables, teacher perceptions of parent–teacher and student–teacher relationship quality, and teacher perceptions of children 's academic abilities in an ethnically diverse sample of 607 academically at-risk first grade children. Relative to relationships with African American children and parents, teachers rated their relationships with White and Hispanic children and parents more positively. Measures of relationship quality added unique variance to teachers ' perceptions of children 's abilities, controlling for parent educational level and measured ability. Relationship variables fully mediated the association between African American status and teachers ' perceptions of children 's abilities. Implications of the findings for teacher in-service and professional development and for parent involvement programs are discussed.
Keywords: Achievement; School readiness; Teacher–student relationship; Parent involvement; Home–school relationship; Teacher expectations
Article Outline
1.1. Teacher academic expectations
1.2. Student–teacher relationships
1.3. Home–school relationship
2.1. Participants
2.2. Measures
2.2.1. Academic achievement
2.2.2. Teacher perception of achievement
2.2.3. Teacher perceived student–teacher support
2.2.4. Teacher perception of parent–teacher relationship
3.1. Preliminary analysis and overview of data analytic approach
3.2. Ethnic and gender differences
3.3. Predicting


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