Relationship Between Tropical Marine, Tropical Continental and Equatorial Areas

Topics: Climate, Precipitation, Tropics Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: February 20, 2012
The relationship between climates,soil and vegetation of Tropical marine areas, Tropical continental areas and Equatorial areas. Climate

In tropical marine areas,the ocean is largely responsible for creating the tropical marine climate system.In these areas there are two seasons, the wet season and the dry season. The average temperature ranges from 25-35 degrees celsius.The annual rainfall is between 1000-1500 mm . The trade winds in this area blow all year and are moist because they pass over warm seas.When the conditions in the atmosphere are unstable,at this time islands like Trinidad, Jamaica etc. are affected by the ITCZ(Intertropical Convergence Zone).IN the dry season when the weather conditions are more stable, there is less rainfall and these regions are affected by anticyclones which are associated with descending air currents,low realtive humidity and cloudless conditions.

In tropical continental areas there is a seasonal change which occurs between wet air masses and dry tropical air masses resulting in a very wet season and a very dry season.In the dry season,there are hot dry winds,for example in west Afica,there is wind blowing in and bringing parched air from the Sahara Desert.In the wet season, these tropical continental areas are affected by the ITCZ, which also affects tropical marine areas.

In equatorial areas, their climate is different from tropical marine regions, because in these parts, the temperature of the equatorial regions is hot throughout year,usually of temperatures of around 27 degrees celsius,with a very low temperature range of usually less than 3 degrees celsius. Present in these regions is also a very wet climate of often more than 2000mm annually, which constitutes to more rainfall than in tropical marine regions.

Vegetation and Soils
In tropical marine areas,during the dry season, plants must conserve water/moisture.The adaptations these plants must make rely largely on the annual rainfall present in that...
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