Relationship Between “the God of Small Things” and “Freedom Writers”

Topics: Education, 2002 albums, Teacher Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Relationship between “The god of small things” and “Freedom writers” Watching Freedom writers was, for me, an educative experience; since I work as a teacher. I have always believed that teachers have a huge influence on students, they (or should I say we?) have even the power to change our lives forever; that´s why they are-or should be- so important In both stories there are underdog(s). I can see clearly the similarities between Estha and the white boy from “Freedom writers”. Both are not part of the group (in one case, a classroom; in the other, society), they feel that don´t fit in; however, they have the capacity to shine. In our reality, how much responsibility do we have as teachers, classmates, young people or just part of the community? It´s our fault (I mean of all sectors of society) because we educate students as we want them to be, not as they want; the system makes us all the same, and I´m not talking about equal rights, I mean we think the same, we act the same because we are raised the same. Classmates-and frequently even teachers- practice bullying, not respecting diversity, one of the most beautiful things we have in our current society. We have the power, thru students, to build a new society. And we, as students, have the responsibility to change the world. We must use it. Wasting capacities is a huge sin (cases like Estha´s happens all the time in our country and the third world) Also, in both stories there is a message for young people about love, discrimination and own development. As teachers, we usually have the opportunity to know a lot about students´ lives, and, using this tool correctly, can change the way their lives are being developed and their perception of themselves. On the other hand, it´s not just about pretty stuff, it´s also a wakeup call about the way we-as society- treat young people and our importance. For example, what would have happened if Estha studied, were treated correctly and stimulated? Maybe he would have...
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