Relationship Between Physical Activity and Health

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Relationships between Physical Activity & Health
1a.Critically discuss the statement: Physical Activity/Exercise = Health Define the concepts of health, physical activity, and exercise. "Physical activity," "exercise," and "physical fitness" are terms that describe different concepts. However, they are often confused with one another, and the terms are sometimes used to represent each other. When in actual fact they are different. Physical activity is defined by SPARC as “movement on a daily basis to sustain health”. It is a term used to cover a variety of categories which include play, games, work related activity, recreation, sport and exercise. Therefore exercise is “a subset of physical activity that is planned, structured, and repetitive and has as a final goal to improve or maintain physical fitness and physical health”. Health is defined in many different ways and has no completely correct definition. There are few well defined definitions. WHO (world health organisation) defines health as “a state of complete physical, social, and mental well being with the absence of illness and disease”. This is linked into the Maori philosophy of health “Hauora”. Which is multi dimensional and consists of social, physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual well being. Then there is the other side where people believe in the “Healthism” model. This looks at the body in a scientific way and believes it can be looked after through diet and exercise and illness can be treated solely by prescribing medicine. What is the relationship between physical activity, health, and exercise? Physical activity, health and exercise are very closely related with the terms often being thrown around loosely. Although closely related there still is a difference between the three concepts. Physical activity is an umbrella term for many smaller categories. These consist of play, games, work related activity, recreation, sport and exercise. Exercise being a part of physical activity can often be mistaken as meaning the same thing when in fact it has a separate meaning. Exercise is structured and repetitive and limits itself to completing that fitness goal. Where physical activity doesn’t limit itself to just exercise it can cover all physical elements of life from a simple household chore to a highly competitive game of rugby. Therefore exercise is related to physical activity because it is a part of it not the same thing. Physical activity and exercise are both related majorly to health. They are included in almost all definitions of it. They contribute to the physical well being side of the Maori health philosophy “Hauora” which is to do with your physical body and ways to care for it. Physical activity and exercise contribute to becoming physically fit and this contributes to having a healthy body shape. It also prevents diseases like diabetes and obesity which relates to the “absence of illness” side of health. Basically exercise is a subcategory of physical activity and physical activity is a subcategory of health. They are all integrated together and all have their own role in each other’s concept. Which means they all contribute to a person living a healthy lifestyle. Will any physical activity or exercise contribute to health? Initially it will because it will burn off any unused energy that would later turn to fat. This is because physical activity burns calories no matter how intense. Even simple house hold chores like mowing the lawns will use energy. Ultimately if you undergo physical activity you are less likely to get disease like diabetes and obesity because you are physically active. Also it raises your fitness level which maintains your body shape which in turn raises self esteem. These are all related to the being healthy as they contribute to the Hauora model. Exercising burns unwanted calories and maintains a healthy body shape e.g. physical well being and this rises self esteem e.g. mental/emotional well being. Physical activity...
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