Relationship Between Main Characters in Pride and Prejudice

Topics: Fitzwilliam Darcy, Pride and Prejudice, Novel Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Elizabeth and Darcy

In the beginning, although Elizabeth and Darcy dislike one another, each develops emotionally to overcome their own pride and see each other for what they truly are and not what society makes them out to be.

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are conflicted in their prejudices against one another’s character and social status throughout the novel. The conflict between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy seems almost impossible to break. However, Elizabeth’s accusations towards Darcy are exactly what prompt him to show Elizabeth his inner feelings and to resolve their conflict and win her heart. Then, after Elizabeth rejects Darcy’s first proposal, Darcy writes her a letter that can show his true character more. This letter begins to change Elizabeth’s opinion of Darcy. The changing feelings of Elizabeth towards Darcy begin to warm their relationship, and it continues to grow throughout the rest of the novel. In Mr. Darcy’s case, he accepts Elizabeth’s family and even goes out on a chase to bring her sister back home after she elopes with Mr. Wickham, showing how he cares more for Elizabeth’s family than he does about social status. This act of kindness truly brings Elizabeth to love Mr. Darcy by the end of the novel, and they are happy together.

Jane and Bingley

Jane and Bingley indeed fall in love with each other. They find that they are quite similar to each other. For example, they both are agreeable, sweet-tempered, and kind. Both of them get along quite well and are even enchanted with each other. The relationship of Jane and Mr. Bingley had a smooth progress.

Although there are some problem in their relationship because Jane doesn’t like to show her feeling and Bingley is easy to be influenced. However most of their relationship had a smooth progress and grew stronger.

Elizabeth and Jane

Jane and Elizabeth are extremely close even they have many contrast characteristics. They are educated by their mother so they have many similar...
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