Relationship between Fantasy and Curiosity

Topics: Adult, Adulthood, Charles Perrault Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: November 22, 2005
Does Fantasy Fulfill Curiosity?

German 219
Perrault's "Bluebeard" addresses the issues of sex, marriage and curiosity. However, in relating to Freud and Bettelheim the issue of curiosity is most relevant because Freud's analysis of fantasizing and Bettelheim's are different, but very important to curiosity as children and as adults. In "Bluebeard", the topic of curiosity leaves the reader with a sense of fear about fulfilling curiosities. According to Freud, children have many fantasies, and because they are children, they are able to act them out without serious consequences. They can enter the make-believe world when they choose and leave when they choose. They make believe as if they are adults, acting out things they could only do as adults (Freud 144, 46). This may include marriage, having children or having their own house. They are simply playing. However, when children grow up, they can no longer act out their fantasies to explore themselves. According to Freud, they then must stop playing and commit their wishes to fantasizing; repressing the desire to experience a type of happiness that one cannot have again (145). Freud also says that only those who are unsatisfied fantasize (146). If this is assumed, then it can also be assumed that curiosity plays a major part in the role of these fantasies. Children role play as adults because they are curious about what the world is like when you are grown up. Adults fantasize because they know only what their particular world and their particular role in the adult world is. They are curious and perhaps hopeful about other ways of life. Since they cannot, for the most part, find out in reality what other roles hold, they must fantasize. Their fantasies are fueled by the desire to know what might be around the next corner. "Bluebeard" seems to be more of a warning towards adults than to children. Although it can warn children about the dangers of marriage and sex, as well as...
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