Relationship Between Customer Service and Logistics Management

Topics: Logistics, Management, Supply chain management Pages: 41 (13317 words) Published: October 4, 2009

As an individual assignment, we have been given the topic: “Operation Management is the ‘heart’ of any business and we are all operations manager. How can managers actually understand how logistics network design and operations influence customer satisfaction?”This assignment’s rationale has been towards aiming a dialectical approach to the understanding of operations and logistics management in today’s business settings.

Thus, I have tried to extensively cover in my report all the relevant aspects of Operations and Logistics management. I have also explained as to what is the role of a manager in today’s competitive Operations and logistics areas and as to how he can understand his responsibilities and implement the same for the benefit of the organisation.

I have done this by starting my report by a suitable Introduction. Thereafter, I explained about Operations management and its various facets like concept of production, production system, production management, operations concept, framework of managing operations and the scope of operations management.

Then I explained Logistics Management encompassing its meaning, its impacts and its scope Thereafter, I proceeded towards the relationship of operations and logistics management with customer service and customer satisfaction. In this respect, I explained the meaning of customer service and customer satisfaction in today’s point of view. After this, I explained the importance of customer satisfaction in Operational and Logistical activities. Consequently, after providing a framework of the relevant topics, I finally proceeded towards the assignment topic by discussing the role of operation and logistics managers in various elements of customer service and the steps taken by them to ensure efficient customer service. In order to justify my point of view, I also gave suitable case studies of two diverse organizations i.e., DSC Logistics and York Group, to comprehend the gaining importance of customer service and satisfaction in the Operation and logistic network. Finally, I concluded by summarising the whole report and its analysis from my point of view.


In today’s customer driven market, it is not only the product/service itself that matters the most, but also the perceived value to the customer of the entire relationship with a company. The way companies measure the quality of their products/services has evolved from Internal quality assurance to External customer satisfaction and from there to Customer Value. Internal quality measures, such as providing the customer with quality product without any defects, dominated the goals of companies in era of supply driven manufacturing. Thereafter, it moved towards External customer satisfaction measures which focussed on getting valuable information about the existing customers and generating the ideas for further improvement. However, the current emphasis on Customer Value goes a step further by establishing the reasons a customer chooses one company’s product over another’s and looking at the entire range of product, services, and intangibles that constitute the company’s image and brand.

Indeed, Operations activities have been always considered as the ‘heart’ of all business organisations regardless of what business it is. Firstly, because 50 percent or more of all jobs are in the operation management-related areas such as customer service, product design, production planning and control, quality assurance, scheduling, job design, inventory management and so on. Secondly, because activities in all the other areas of business organisations such as Finance, accounting, human resources, logistics, management information system(MIS), marketing, purchasing , as well as others are all interrelated with operations management activities, hence, requiring people in all these areas to have certain basic understanding about operations management. Logistic activities, on the other...
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