Relationship Between Communication and Identity.

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Communication Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: January 17, 2012
My personal and professional Goals in marketing are real appealing to me as it is arguably the most important department of any business. I understand the importance of marketing for all companies, whether it be small, medium or a blue chip company. I believe it would challenge my more creative side as well as testing my theoretical skills. I'm particularly interested in the more creative advertising side of marketing and the physiology behind it. My father owns his own Yacht customizing business, and my brother is in marketing business so I appreciate how advertising campaigns can work and understand how these contribute to the marketing campaign. My mother is also part owner of the family business, so I have experienced business throughout my life and I believe this has contributed to my passion towards this subject of Marketing Communications. Having worked for my brother in sales , I'm especially familiar with the retail industry, although I've also worked for America Online in the sales department, I believe these jobs have helped increase my confidence and improve my communication skills. In my spare time I play Racquetball at my local gym every weekend. As well as maintaining my health and fitness. I also help Co-host a weekly radio show. I believe playing sports and Co-hosting the radio show is important because it teaches me how to work and communicate in a team. I want to pursue higher education as I believe that it will provide me with all the experience and knowledge I need in order for me to successfully open my own business in. I am looking forward to the academic side of the university. I'm always looking for new challenges and I feel that I work more efficiently when given independence. Recognizing relationships and making connections, this is an ability I acquired at an early age. Poor communication where ideas are not completely understood or expressed, have irritated me for as long as I can recall. As such I have enjoyed...
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