Relation of Tardiness to Performance of Students

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Manila Science High School is exceptionally known for students whomlive up to the school’s motto, “Sustaining the Tradition of Excellence.”Excellence should not only be reflected in academics but in following the rules and regulations as well. Tardiness is defined as the quality or habit of not adhering to a correct or usual or expected time. According to, Chrissy Scivicque, a career coach and corporate trainer, people who are late are perceived as selfish, disrespectful, unreliable and disorganized. Being tardy in a way shows that you do not respect the administration because you are not following the school rules.

Background of the Study

According to the Agreement signed by the student and the parent, the following must be done if the student is tardy: a. All students must be in MSHS before 7 AM. Students who enter the school after this time will be marked tardy and will not be allowed to attend his/her 1st class. b. He/She should bring an excuse letter from the parent, stating the reason for the tardiness. The letter must be presented and noted by the affected teachers and submitted to the guidance counselor for future reference. c. In the event the student incurs three instances of tardiness, a conference of teachers with the parent is required. The student will be required to promissory letter duly signed by the parent. Together with the promissory letter, the adviser will then make a report to the guidance counselor for future reference.

Recently, the school changed its policy, if you arrive later than 7 AM, you will be required to sign in the logbook and indicate your name, section and time of arrival. You will then be asked to fall in line and write your reason of tardiness. The guidance counselor would then give a lecture regarding the importance of punctuality and the consequences you might face if you incur many tardiness. Then he will let you attend your second class.


This study will investigate the impact of the tardiness of students on their performance in school. Questionnaires/surveys will be handed out among students and interviews with frequent late-comers will be conducted. Also, the researchers will ask the students for their grades and see if tardiness has an effect on it.

Statement of the Problem

Student’s attendance in school is a focus for educators in order to student achievement at all levels (Applegate, 2003). It is believed that regular school attendance can help ensure student’s academic success (Rothman, 2001). The main purpose of this study is to know how tardiness can affect the performance of students of Manila Science High School. Also, the researchers also want to identify the factors that cause tardiness, so that they can be solved and tardiness is reduced.

Significance of the Study

This study investigates the relationship of attendance to student’s achievement. The focus of this educational research is directed toward determining the impact of attendance to academic achievement of high school students in Manila Science High School. This study also identifies the other factors that influence the performance of students.

Qualifications of Personnel

The proponents of the research, namely, Francis Rumen Parungao, C’zarina Negapatan and Jessica Henson, of III-Burbank are currently taking up their third year in Manila Science High School. Having taken up Research in their sophomore year and Advanced Biology and Research this year, they have understood how to identify the different problems that may pose a risk on the students and recommend solutions that are doable. Staying in MaSci for three years, they are able to come up with observations and problems encountered by students. Data Sources

The data presented in our study, “The Relation of Tardiness and Performance of...
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