Relation of psychological control in 1984 to its use in Nazi Germany
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In the novel 1984, written by George Orwell in 1949, the reader explores the dystopian state of Oceania through the eyes of Winston Smith. Smith is an Outer Party member and is thus part of the bureaucracy that controls every aspect of life in his country, Oceania. The Party monitors every citizen of Oceania to ensure its power remains absolute, and employs psychological control to do so. The three primary aspects of this control are the utilization of fear, hatred, and propaganda. This type of control over a population was also used by the Nazi’s in Germany in the earlier part of the 20th century, and there are striking similarities in how psychological control was used by both the Nazis in Germany and the Party in 1984. The use of hatred to control a population is exhibited throughout 1984. Early in the novel, Winston Smith is at his place of employment in the Ministry of Truth, the propaganda center of the Party. Every morning all citizens must engage in a ceremony called the 2 Minutes Hate, where everyone sits in front of a large screen and listens to 2 minutes of a speech by a figure called Emmanuel Goldstein, the enemy of the people. Goldstein decries the Party and the general state of Oceania while images of enemy soldiers march endlessly in the backround. The aim of this performance is to enrage all the citizens that are watching to the point of hysteria, which is easily accomplishes. By doing so, the people are distracted from their own misery and project their feelings toward their scapegoat, Emmanuel Goldstein. The average citizen is not aware of the true nature of the Two Minutes Hate and simply sees it as another part of life under the caring wing of the Party, who protects them from such evil figures as Goldstein. Hate Week is similar to the Two Minutes Hate. A week of festivities aimed at enraging the population against all enemies of the state, both foreign and domestic, comprises Hate Week in Oceania. Speeches are given about military victories

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