Relation Between Colonies and Native Americans

Topics: United States, Thirteen Colonies, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Relations between Native Americans
Pennsylvania Virginia and New England

Paduraru Alexandru Sebastian

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The topic I chose to write is about the relations between 3 of the American colonies with the American natives. The colonies are Pennsylvania, Virginia and New England .I’ll try to write about how they established the colony , how they developed afterwards and how the relations between the colonies and between them and natives evolved. The Pennsylvania colony, also known as Province of Pennsylvania was founded on march 4, 1681. The Charter of Privileges mandated fair dealings with the native Americans and this led to better relations with them than the other colonies had. The Quakers even refuse to provide any assistance to the New England’s – Indian Wars. The Colony of Virginia existed during the 16th century until the American revolution. After the United States was formed, the entire states of West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois and parts of Ohio, were created from the territory of the colony of Virginia. The region of Mid-Atlantic coastline was successfully colonized first time by the English even if there were competing claims in that region by the Spain, France, Sweden and Netherlands. After 1603 when King James ascended to the throne England had some financial difficulties because of the years of war with Spain, and they had to look for some better way to raise England’s financial status. The unstable conditions of trade relations with the European states they had to consider alternatives in the New World; so in the 1606 the Plymouth company and the London company (Competing branches of the Virginia company) organized expeditions to settle colonies. The area was limited by the 34th parallel and the 45th parallel; the Plymouth company took the northern part of this area and the London company the southern one , but there was an overlapping zone between 38th and 41st parallels where the...
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