Relating 7 C’s of Teamwork to Chak de India

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Content of the assignment ===================================================

1. Overview of the movie ------------------------------------------------------------------------

2. Importance of teamwork ---------------------------------------------------------------------

3. 7 c’s of teamwork ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

4. Relating 7c’s to the movie -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Overview of the movie

➢ The film revolves around the central character of the film, Kabir Khan, the ex-star player of Indian Hockey, who had lost an opportunity to score a goal under penalty stroke and was accused of fixing match with the Opposite team (Pakistan). After seven years, he emerges from nowhere to coach the Indian Women hockey team from scratches. Even he dares to challenge selectors have a clash with the formidable Indian Men team to get selected for participation in World Cup.  Team is rag bunch of girls with own agenda


➢ The film based on a real-life story makes a deeper impact on the students of management. They can visualize the concept of the story and apply it in job areas later on.

➢ It provides guidance for not only being an effective manager but also how to be best and a role model for others in whichever area they enter,"

➢ ‘CHAK DE’ helps us to understand concepts like human resource management, strategy, motivation, determination, leadership skills, ambition, teamwork and making the most out of the worst kind of situations.

➢ The film proves that "Where there is a will, there is a way”

Importance of teamwork

“None of us are as Strong as all of us…..”


The Benefits of team work are as follows:

✓ Increased Productivity

✓ Improved customer service

✓ More flexible system

✓ Employee empowerment

✓ Competitive advantage

✓ More ideas

7 c’s of teamwork

1. Commitment

▪ It is the foundation for synergy in groups

▪ The time spent up front getting all team members on the same track will greatly reduce the number of derailments or emergency rerouting

2. Contribution

▪ The power of an effective team is in direct proportion to the skills member possess and the initiative members expend.

▪ Each one in a team should contribute because if a few team members shoulders most of the burden,the team runs the risk of member burnout, or worse – member turn-off.

▪ To enhance balanced participation on a work team, leaders should consider three factors that affect th elevel of individula contribution : inclusion, confidende and empowerment.

3. Communication

▪ For a work group to reach its full potential, members must be able to say what they think, ask for help, share new or unpopular idea.

▪ Communication should be friendly, open and positive.

▪ To enhance team communication, leadres can provide skill r=training in listening, responding and the use of languages as well as meeting managemnt, feedback and consensus building.

4. Cooperation

▪ F.A.C.T.S. model of effective team member behaviors (follow-through, accuracy, creativity, timeliness and spirit) may serve as a guide for helping teams identify behaviors that support synergy within the work team.

5. Conflict Management

▪ It is inevitable that teams of bright, diverse thinkers will experience conflict from time to time

▪ Leaders help work teams to manage conflict effectively, the team will be able to maintain trust and tap the collective power of the team.

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