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This picture book celebrates the visual imagination. It is a young person’s emotional journey from forlornness to exhilaration. Each double page contains a single sentence, and an illustration that matches the words in utterly unpredictable and witty ways. The drawings are so flamboyantly wonderful they enrich and excite the human spirit. This book confirms that it is imagination that makes sense of our journey through this world. Short-listed, Picture Book of the Year 2002.

“Growing up too fast” Twinpossible

“Nobody understands” the red tree by Shaun tan

The car song

The weekend is the weekend
And it's sunny in the park
I'll stay here with my beer and fish and chips till it gets dark I've got a lot of homework
But homework he can wait
I never start my homework till its already too late
My parents say think about your future and my teachers say the same But it's hard
When there's a basketball game in the park
It's 1998
And everybody's saying:
“Harry, you're going to be a lawyer some day…”

It's Monday bloody Monday
And there's two things I forgot
I forgot to do my homework
And I've only got one sock
I'm halfway through a test
But I just can't concentrate
I'm sitting next to Fontaine
I want to ask her on a date
I really want to start a conversation
But each time she walks past
I start choking on my pencil
And fall flat on my ass
I need to concentrate
I have to get this grade
Or I might fail to be a lawyer someday

But just right now
Can' think of anything better to do
Than just sit down at the piano and a write this tune
And maybe later
Maybe later in the afternoon
I'll sit back and relax
And think of all the things I'm going to do…

I'll buy an old car
I'll get that car to start
I'll learn how to drive too
And then Someday…
Imagine all the things I could do....
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