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Communication is essential in all aspects of our everyday lives. Effective communication enhances our personal, social and career relationships and allows us to make connections with people from other cultures, according to the book of William J. Seller and Melissa L. Beall – Communication Making Connection. In additional of that, communication is essential in your work even if you don’t pursue careers such as law, sales and teaching, communication skills is a must in a human being. Communication is woven into all facets of our lives. We talk, listen, think, share confidences with intimates, ask and answer questions, participate on teams attended public presentations, exchange information with co-workers, watch television programs, chat online with friend and so forth. From birth to death communication is central to our personal, professional and civil lives. You can see more information about values of studying communication in the 4th Edition Communication Mosaics by Julia T. Wood. Also from the book of Julia T. Wood, she discussed the evolution of communication technologies. The researchers considered what it means to live in an era that is saturated with communication technologies. After reviewing the evolution of communication technologies, the researchers focused on our important controversies about the impact of the technologies on individual and societies. The researchers considered different views of communication technologies effect on how we think, build and participate in communities, and define and express our identities, and their effect on our efficiency and productivity. Cellular phone or cell phone is one of the mostly used devices in this era to communicate in each other from one place to another. Cell phones are much more than portable telephone – according to TIMES for kids ALAMANAC 2011. Depending on the model you use, a cell phone can do many tasks, including sending & receiving e-mail and text messages, surfing the internet, taking...
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