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E-Human Resource Management: A case study of the State Bank in Pakistan


Junaid Zafar

A Thesis submitted to the College of Business in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Human Resource Management, University Utara Malaysia Kedah,Malaysia

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In submitting the project thesis as a partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Masters degree from the Universiti Utara Malaysia, I agree that the library of the University may make freely available the project thesis for inspection. I also aggress that the permission to copy this thesis in any manner in whole or parts, for scholarly purposes may be granted by the Lecturer who had supervised, or in her absence, by the Dean of College of Business to which this thesis is submitted. It is understood that any copying or publication or publication or use of the thesis project there of for financial gains shall not be allowed without my written permission .It is also understood that due recognition shall be given to me and to the Universiti Utara Malaysia for any scholarly and reference use which may be made of nay of the material presented in this thesis. Request for permission to copy or make use of material in this thesis, in whole or parts, shall be addressed to:

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The knowledge-intensifying process of the economy and the correlated rise of organizational networks, with their greater dependency on qualified and committed employees, explain the need for a form of Human Resource Management that meets the demands and needs of the management and the employees of the network organization. Considering this, the requirements for such a form of HRM that become apparent are: online applications for HR information, and the tools that are available at nay time in any place, and that enable continuous interaction between the employees and the organization. The software industry has developed for the HR personal to make it able to store, sort and retrieve information placed on huge databases. e-HR is the actually a strategic iniative to make the organization propel itself in the information age; by freeing itself from daily operational, monotonous requirements and making it more in tune with the decision making and better understanding of the employees. With the increasing possibilities of providing services to employees and management through Internet and Intranet applications, an HR professional would not be necessary to obtain information form HR policies and practices with in an organization. E-Human resource Management is emerging; it is knocking on the doors of HR departments and even entering without asking. In organizations managerial boards are aware, but little is being done. The research is focused on Pakistan. It is a strategically important country with lots of foreign capital being invested in the country.



All praise is to my Lord, the Compassionate, and the Merciful. I like to appreciate my humble and dear supervisor Dr. Norazuwa Bt Mat for her sincere and untiring efforts she has rendered in completion of this thesis. Without her dedication and her constant encouragement this thesis would not have been a success. I also would like to express my thanks to the family members, the respondents who have assisted in making this research possible.


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