Related Literature

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Chapter 2
Review of Related Literature and Studies
This chapter presents the related literature and studies after the thorough and in-depth search of the researchers.


The review of the literature for this study focuses on therapeutic communication strategies appropriate to teenage patients in Mother Seton Hospital. The chapter begins with a definition of therapeutic communication techniques followed by the findings of researchers using various techniques of therapeutic communication and touch. This paper sets the scene by describing the effects of therapeutic communication. The development of "Patient-Centered Communication" and its philosophical underpinnings are also discussed in order to provide.

Therapeutic Communication Technique

Therapeutic communication is a tool employed by health professionals to facilitate discussion with the patient. It is an important part of building a therapeutic interpersonal relationship, explains "Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing". Nurses, mental health professionals and other health care professionals use therapeutic communication during each patient interaction, whether educating the patient or eliciting information for analysis. This type of communication utilizes several specialized techniques. (


Pontes, Alexandra carvalho conducted a study in 2006 to analyze the process of therapeutic communication as developed by nurses who work in hospital units according to peplau’s theory. It is a descriptive- exploratory research accomplished in municipal district of Fortaleza, CE, Brazil. The participants of the study were 14 patients and 12 nurses, through a semi-structured interview. Data were organized in thematic. Results demonstrated that since admission to hospital discharge, there is communication and interaction with a interpersonal relationship. Several times, however, that communication does not occur as it was supposed to, because nurse in her work does not priorize the visit to patients in her daily activities. Patients have difficulties to distinguish nurses from other health care professionals, which difficult the approach and development of therapeutic communication. (

Perla, Lisa conducted a study in 2003 on evaluation of communication enhancement intervention on staff and patient in a complex continuing care facility. 21- Nursing staff and 16 patients participated in this study, conducted in the summer of 2003. A repeated measures design was used to evaluate the effect of the communication enhancement intervention on outcomes. Data were collected from patients and nurses at baseline, 5 weeks into the intervention and at 10 weeks after the interventions. Nurse outcome variables included nurse’s job satisfaction and their relationships with patients, patient outcomes variables included two measures of patient satisfaction with care. Results suggest that nursing staff can feel better about their job and about their patients as they enhance their communication skills.

Irma P.M conducted a study in 2007 on evaluation of communication training programmes in nursing care. According, to them an important aspect of nursing care is communication with patients. Nurse’s major communication tasks are not only to inform the patients the patients about his/her disease and treatment, but also to create a therapeutically effective relationship by assessing patient’s concerns, showing understanding, empathy, and providing comfort and support. In this review, 14 studies, which focus on the evaluation of the effects of communication training programs for nurses, have been evaluated. The selected studies were screened on several independent, process and outcome variables not only is the training program taken into account as a variable which...
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