Related Literature

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Review of Related Literature

Reading is an important skill to help people learn from human knowledge and experience. Through reading, knowledge has greatly contributed to the growth of mankind. Reading is the fastest and simplest way to raise people’s educational level (Hung & Tzeng, 2001). Thus, reading also improves the cognitive perspective of a person. No people are more educated unless they read. Reading also enhances not only the brain, but the awareness of a person to different words that he/she didn’t encounter before. It increases one’s vocabulary and comprehension. Through reading also, many people increased their critical thinking skills especially when finding the main ideas or for analytical purposes. In short, reading is the best and only way of enabling humans to absorb new experience and replace old views.

Reading is a process of how information is processed from the text into meanings, starting the information from the text, and ending what the reader gains. Goodman (1976) and Smith (1973) indicated that reading is a language process, not merely the sum of various decoding and comprehension skills. In short reading is the process of reconstructing the author’s ideas, perspective and information.

On the other hand, Aikat (2007) stated that the “the act of reading is a dynamic transaction between the reader and the text” (p.700), an idea taken from Louise M. Rosenblatt’s 1978 book, The Reader, The Text, The Poem. According to the aforementioned book, there are two kinds of reading – reading for leisure, called Aesthetic Reading and Efferent Reading in order to gain information. Efferent readers read for the purpose of the facts they will learn, while aesthetic readers read for the reading experience making it easier for them to “connect emotionally” to the text.

In order to for readers to attain this connection and fully comprehend the text that they read, Dolch (1951) asserted that the process of reading requires the different...
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