Reimbursement Methodologies

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Reimbursement Methodologies

The job of Dr. Bob is to do the best care he can for Sally. With Sally being a minor and the parents being in the waiting room Dr. Bob has to talk to the parents about informed consent. He needs to talk to the parents about the benefits and risk of the surgery. Once explained and the parents agree and understand they have given Dr. Bob their informed consent. If the parents of Sally were not available Dr. Bob has to do what would be in the best interest of Sally. Essay #2

With patient and doctor confidentiality, Dr. Bob has every right to honor Paula Patients request of sending all communication to her post office box or to call her at a designated phone number she chooses. Unless Paula Patient signed a release form Dr. Bob is not obligated to give Paula Patient’s boyfriend any medical information that was done between them unless any other law overrides this privilege. Dr. Bob would be legally responsible if he sent the information to her home and her boyfriend found out regarding her decision. If Dr. Bob thinks Paula is in danger or had proof she has been abused he should report it to the police. Essay #3

Dr. Bob just put himself in jeopardy of losing his medical license. If he did not have written authorization prior to the release of the medical records Paula Patient can sue Dr. Bob. Dr. Bob has violated the privacy of Paula Patient. Part B

1. With contributory negligence the patient or complaining party caused or contributed to his or her own injury. The physician can admit negligence too but also claim the patient was somehow at fault. With comparative negligence if the patient is found at fault for a certain percent and the physician responsible for the rest of the percent. The damages awarded will be subtracted by the percent the patient was responsible for. 2. The state...
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