Topics: Addiction, Twelve-step program, Drug rehabilitation Pages: 3 (924 words) Published: March 10, 2011
Government Funded Versus Private Drug Rehab

When I started on this journey I really had no idea what rehab was. I thought that rehab was a place where drug addicts went to detoxify their bodies and then they went home magically all better. Well on my road to discovery I found out they really are so much more than that. While there are some things that I consider negative effects, I believe I now have a full understanding of just what a rehabilitation center is and the invaluable services they provide. The first facility I decided to research was government funded (free) rehabilitation clinics. What I learned is that most of the facilities that the government funds are very straight forward. They offer a 12 step program and generalized counseling in group settings and that’s about it. There usually understaffed and over worked. These types of facilities are often bought and paid for by major pharmaceutical companies so that there treatments, “drugs” will be used. This is a big business in drug rehab for pharmaceutical companies to fund these facilities so that they can prescribe drugs to "treat" the addiction. While any treatment seems better than none I found myself wondering what the long term effects were. Are these companies truly helping people? Government funded rehabs are creating a breed all their own. These people go to them for help and come out having traded up one addiction for another. They prescribe drugs like anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, sleep aids, muscle relaxers, and opiate blockers in turn causing the addict to become dependent on the drugs that they used to get off the ones they were addicted to. The only difference is this one is legal and nine times out of ten cost more. Another problem plaguing these types of facilities is trying to get in. Addictions don’t have schedules so if you are an addict and want to get clean the last thing that you want is to be put on a waiting list for weeks sometimes months. Although there are a lot of...
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