Regulations of Broadcasting over the Air Waves

Topics: Broadcasting, Freedom of speech, Radio Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: March 20, 2007
Freedom of speech is something that every person should be allowed to have. It is a right given by the constitution. That is how this country was created; every man deserves the chance to say what he thinks. But that right can also be misused; people shouldn't be allowed to broadcast on the radio or on the television everything that they want because of the consequences. It could lead children to violence. Because of this, there should be control over the airwaves, but it should be limited. It should be controlled by an organization that would decide what would be ok to broadcast and what not.

The easiest way to broadcast today is the television and the radio. Those two types of media broadcasting are available to almost every person in the U.S. People of all ages watch television and listen to the radio; so there should be some censorship. There is some content that children would not be mature enough to understand and would only confuse them; there are many violent shows on television, for example there is one show called Prison Break, which is about murders trying to escape from jail. Another concern about children watching television is sex. A child would not understand sex is the act of love; it is not just an act of pleasure. For example there is a program called Nip/Tuck where a plastic surgeon never has a serious relationship with a women, he just sleeps with them, and sometimes even rapes them. This type of shows on television would not be suitable for children. Pornographic videos should not be shown at nine in the morning, because children would be able to see it. There should be a schedule for mature things, and still parents should be involve on keeping an eye on your child, because you cannot censor everything. The difficult part is how find a schedule for everything, because in world as it is today, money is the one that talks, not morals, not education. For example Howard Stern; has a radio show. In his show, he does many stupid things; one of...
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