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Regulation in the media

Regulation is the attempt to place limits by audiences and producers, upon the content, distribution and ownership of media production. We regulate the media so the audience don’t have to see things like death on the TV or hear swearing and there are age restrictions and censorship. The audience and producer have concerns including Truthfulness, fairness, offense, taste, value’s and beliefs, freedom of expression and freedom of information

Laws that affect the media.
There are so many laws that the media have to respect all around the world, here’s just a few of them employment equality, human rights act, public order act, racist laws and libel and defamation law. Two laws that quite a lot of attention are gagging order injunctions and privacy laws. Gagging orders don’t always work and I feel that this law shouldn’t exist because unlike the privacy law this law is to protect what the person has done wrong, for example Ryan Giggs he slept with another woman and tried to hide it. With the recent hacking scandal, privacy laws and the way the media disobey them show’s how ruff the media industry can be. Not all laws are followed and not all gagging orders work.

Privacy laws
With the amount of lawsuits and court cased that involve their privacy being invaded has sky rocketed, we know this because of the amount of media content they publish. The Broadcasting Act 1981 created a Broadcasting complaints commission known as the BCC. They make sure that invasion of privacy isn’t happening and that content in the media is fair. It was then replaced in 1996 with the BSC Broadcasting standards commission. We have all seen some sort of court case in the paper to do with privacy for example The phone hacking scandal which ended News Of The World. Statutory bodies

Statutory bodies are part of the government, and was set up by the parliament and have legal rights to take legal action against something they feel...
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