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Sabrina Nogueras
Unit 7 assignment

Find Regulations and Agencies
For this assignment you will be locating a federal regulation. There are several ways you can locate regulations. You can choose to use federal and state government web sites. Sometimes you will find that the agency's web site is the best source for finding and understanding current regulations. You can also search on Westlaw. Remember regulations are different from statutes. They are not in the United States Code or the state codes. Regulations are created by agencies. Federal regulations are published in the Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.). State regulations are published in the state administrative law collection. For the following problem you are going to be asked to draft a short letter with your research findings. We are representing a local group of citizens here in town regarding their drinking water. The residents are worried that the water that they are drinking may have too high of lead levels and may not be safe. I believe the place to start on this issue would be the EPA’s web site. I need to know what the regulation or regulations are that regulate lead in drinking water. Please discuss the enabling legislation for the regulation and the main parts of the regulation. Please then tell us how the regulation would apply to a small town of about 20,000 people. Once you have done your research, please put all the findings from above into a letter addressed to the town manager, Mike Jones. Make sure to properly cite the regulation. If possible also provide links to the web site where you found your information.
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