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Regulating Pornography

Oct 08, 1999 407 Words
Nastiness on the Net

Pornography is a serious problem that faces America's people today. A problem that jeopardizes our nation's moral and ethical values and is easily accessible for children and adults alike. Often times the young people accessing such websites in cyberspace aren't even old enough to understand the complete meaning of human sexuality. More often, the adults accessing these websites, who do have a common understanding of sexuality, begin to obtain distorted views of normal sexual behavior. In order to save our children's innocence and America's moral values, pornography should be strictly regulated on the internet.

Pornography is the erotic writing or art intended for sexual excitement. For frequent viewers pornography provides imagery, which they can frequently call to mind and elaborate on their fantasies. "Porn Producers" use pornography to appeal to viewers as a new exciting experience often luring viewers into a trap of sexual addiction. Once viewers become involved in pornographic materials, they get hooked and continue coming back for their "sexual turn-ons." Once a person becomes a sex addict, therapy is often required to overcome their urges to sneak-a-peek again. Any kind of pornography influences immoral acts with multiple persons or a person of the same sex, consequently devaluing the importance of monogamy. Studies show that less than 5% of all pornography depicts normal heterosexual relations between on man and one woman, and in some unfortunate cases, it leads to the spreading of diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Aside from influencing the spread of diseases, pornography influences rape and child molestation. Hardcore pornography habituates both males and females to the idea or rape, and increases the acceptance of sexual deviance as "normal behavior." In 57% of rape cases rapists have admitted to imitating pornography scenes their commission of sex crimes.

Most importantly, pornography degrades women and their role in today's society. Almost all pornographic material depicts images of women being beaten, tortured, raped, forced to perform acts of bestiality , and sexual slavery. The misunderstanding of "When a woman says no she really means yes," is communicated through pornography also.

There are endless reasons that the government should regulate pornography on the internet, far too many to elaborate on. Our children and adults must be protected from addiction, homosexuality, non-monogamy, rape, child molestation, and degradation of women. America's moral and ethical beliefs must be saved from the filth that pornography puts forth.

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