Regular Time with Dad Is Key to Kids Happiness

Topics: Mother, Father, Family Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: March 3, 2012
This article is from NY Daily News “Regular time with Dad is key to Kid’s happiness: study” by Rosemary Black. The author indicates that in the life of a children, are heavily influenced by their fathers. Children who spend quality time with their fathers are encouraged and happier even thought their mothers protected and spent more time with them more than their fathers. .A child’s relationship with his / her fathers affects adulthood healthier in life

Fathers who spend time with their children, develop grit in the child. Usually, their mothers are very busy working and taking care of their children. Also their children help their mothers for an errand. Children spend much more time with their mothers than fathers. Most of the time, their fathers work hard to support their families and return home late. However children realize what their fathers are doing. Even still, children wait for their fathers and keep asking what time their fathers are coming home. They miss their fathers and want to have communications about important issues. Of course, they‘ve already communicated with their mothers but still they are waiting for their fathers. They respect their fathers knowledge and decisions. After the day, fathers can see their children’s face smiling. Spending quality of times with their children provide fathers encouragement.

Spending quality of times with children develops positive minds and lead them to happiness. For example, one of my neighbors is a single mother . She has a son who has been suspended in school and had a bad school. His social worker visits his home to communicate with her son every week. Her son had many complains about his mother, despite of his mother dedications. His mother couldn’t control his son so his social worker contacted his father to take care of his son. Her son stayed with his father home. After living with his father, he went back to school. As a result, fathers who take care of children make a difference...
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