Regret - the Story of Jeff Weise

Topics: High school, Ku Klux Klan, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: October 19, 2008
The story of Jeff Weise
Jeff Weise was a 15-year old boy, who on Monday, March 21, 2005 shot 9 people, including his grandfather, his grandfather’s girlfriend, a school teacher, a security guard and five of his fellow students, at Red Lake Senior High School, Minnesota, with a .22-caliber gun. We’ve studied his life through his personal journal on, his Flash videos on the Newgrounds website and on his debates on the neo-nazi forum in the US. The picture we get of Jeff Weise is that he was very confused and messed up by his hard life. Through his harsh experiences in his relatively short life, he gathered a lot of dark thoughts. Jeff’s father committed suicide in the late 90’s, and that must have had quite an effect on Jeff’s childhood. His mother lives on a nursing home, because she suffers from a brain damage she got in a car accident, where she had been drinking. She was an alcoholic. So Jeff lived with his 58-year old grandfather and the grandfather’s 32-year old wife. The grandfather was a police officer in Red Lake, Minnesota, where the ‘family’ lived. The place was home to a lot of Native Americans, and among those was Jeff Weise. He was an Ojibwa, which is a Native American tribe.

Admiration for Hitler
The fact that Jeff was a Native American is quite odd, because, apart from being that, he was also a neo-nazi. Jeff disliked mixing of races, and believed Hitler was right with his thoughts in the 1940’s. You could say Hitler replaced the father figure in Jeff’s life. Jeff was fascinated by Hitler’s ‘accomplishments’, and did a lot of research on Hitler and Nazism, before he proclaimed himself to be a Nazi. He was described to wear a long, black trench coat all year long, and the rest of the students bullied him because of his looks. Nazism wasn’t the only extreme thing Jeffrey was interested in – he was quite a fan of violence, and extreme art was something he enjoyed. He made flash videos (short cartoons on the internet),...
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