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Topics: Sugar, Brown sugar, Water Pages: 7 (2250 words) Published: March 4, 2014
Background of the study
Nowadays, people need cheaper price products, especially foods, one of the basic needs. Professionals from other countries have found many alternatives to answer this problem. An example of this is the sugar made from coconut or the coconut sugar. Sugar is used to give a sweeter taste in foods and drinks. Professionals prepared coconut as source of sugar because coconut is abundant in the Philippines. Unlike sugar cane, coconut doesn’t need to burn when harvesting and therefore is not harm in environment.

This study will prove that the coconut can be a reliable source to produce a higher quality but low-priced sugar.

Statement of the Problem
Main Problem
This study aimed to compare the effectiveness of coconut sugar to the commercial sugars for general acceptability. Sub Problems
1. Is the increase in the amount of lime water added to the coconut sap affects the basicity of sap, that will be needed in making sugar? 2. Which kind of sugar will have the higher general acceptability to the following? a. Color

b. Smell
c. Texture
3. What will be the effect of iodine solution to the produced coconut sugar? 4. How many grams of sugar crystals will be produced for every 10 mL of collected sap?

There is a significant difference between coconut sugar and sugar made from sugarcane.
If the coconut sugar is made then it will be able to sustain a high-quality but low-priced sugar.

Significance of the Study
Coconut which is the source of sugar is abundant in the country. When it was harvested, unlike on sugarcanes, doesn’t contribute to pollution. The coconut sugar is rich in nutrients and is good to people’s health. It has higher quality compared to commercial sugars with chemicals and coconut sugar has low price and is affordable for consumers. It will be also an additional help in the field of industry of the Philippines.

Scope and Limitations
The study about testing and comparing the coconut sugar to commercial sugars contained two tests. In the preparation of the coconut sugar which was the main priority of the study, a 2000 mL of coconut sap was gathered from a small farm in Orion, Bataan for about 10 hours under a temperature of 25C. A new solution was completed by adding 20 mL of lime water on the sap, for the purpose of lowering the acidity. The basicity was tested by adding 5 mL of bromthymol blue for the solution. The presence of starch was tested by adding 5 mL of iodine solution to the produced coconut sugar crystals.

In testing and comparing three types of sugars, thirty students from Bataan National High School were subjected to all treatments. The experimental group refers to the produced coconut sugar. The control group refers to the commercial sugars: white and brown sugars.

The first test: testing the effectiveness of three types of sugars, was conducted from the School of Bataan National High School; particularly from 4th year SSC. Randomization was used. The later test: comparing and testing of three types of sugars on iodine solution was conducted from the laboratory and was done by researchers.

The research study about effectiveness of coconut was conducted from January to February 2014.

Experimental set-ups
The most effective type of sugar for human consumption was determined by using a total of eighteen set-ups of sample sugars that was used on two different tests.
The first group of six set-ups with five grams of coconut sugar will be labeled “COCONUT”, the other group of six set-ups with five grams of white sugar will be labeled “WHITE” and the last group of six set-ups with five grams of brown sugar will be labeled “BROWN”.

All set-ups were tested by thirty respondents or students of Bataan National High School and by the researcher. Preparation of Coconut Sugar
The coconut flowers contain coconut sap which contains glucose, nutrients and other minerals and which is the main essential component in...
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