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Registration is a method of officially recording something. Usually something is registered to claim more rights, or to protect ownership, or because the law says it must be registered to be used legally. Based on the definition, a registration system is an application which a certain individual can record his or her data or information, which is commonly used in different companies, schools etc. Just like a Online System, registration system is a system which can be found in many pages or websites in the Internet. We can easily make an account in a certain page we want.

1.1 Background of the Study

The Kenntoff fitness gym is owned and operated by brothers Mr. Kenny Santos and Mr. Toffi Santos, former Pinoy Big brother (PBB) housemates Pinoy edition. The rate per day for the gym is P50, plus optional P10 for the unlimited consumption of water (paper cups are provided). Assistance from Kenny or Toffi for workout sessions and exercise routines are free. The gym is run by their family where their charismatic mother and cool father assist as well on manning the gym.

Kenntoff Fitness is a gym located in Antipolo city just a few blocks away from Masinag area.The fitness gym is very recommendable for first timers since either of the brothers are very welcoming. You can approach them for assistance or even ask what work outs to do in order to develop the muscle you are targeting to build. Even their regular visitors and fitness members are very nice people, sharing of equipments and taking turns on using them usually occur on their peak hours.

1.2 Conceptual Framework




1.3 Statement of the Problem

The purpose of this proposed project study is to create an application system entitled Kenntoff Fitness Gym Online Registration System for the owner of Kenntoff Fitness Gym that will make them to easily manage and maintain their customers. And for the customers, they can easily fill up information’s, if they want to become a member. The purpose of the study is to answer the following questions: 1. How to make the process of customer’s registration?

2. How to secure the application system database?
3. How to safe keep the record and transaction file?
4. How to get rid of using papers etc for printing the fill up form for the customers? 5. How to make a PayPal transaction inside the system?

1.4 Hypothesis

The following hypotheses were tested in the study:
1. The proposed Online Registration System will make the registration more effective and reliable in terms of:

Registration and Log-In

In making new accounts for those who would like to become a member. In logging in with the accounts which have attempts and forgot password.

Profile Module

In maintaining their profile in which they can message or request some service about the programs. In processing their payment that will process in their PayPal.

Recommendation Module

In recommending or request some of the workouts or programs that they want to add.

1.5 System Objectives

1.5.1 General Objective

To create and design a System that will make an easy registration through online for those who want to become a member and also to easily maintain the entire current member’s and future member’s account.

1.5.2 Specific Objectives

1. To develop a system that will provide the owner an easy process of registration. 2. To enhance a system that will secure the accounts of the customers/members. 3. To make an easy process of payment using PayPal.

1.6 Significance of the Study

The proposed Online Registration System of Kenntoff Fitness Gym has a purpose to be organized in terms of handling their customers, with different activities and programs which is highly recommended to each...
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