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Registered Nurse

By Dongieux May 07, 2013 302 Words
Dongieux Shelton
Mrs. H. Oliver RN, BSN, Nurse Educator
Health Science Technology

Registered Nurse

A Registered Nurse (RN) occupation is to provide care for patients, treat patients and educate patients and the public on various medical conditions. Also RNs give advice and emotional support to patients and their families. They record the families’ medical history and analyze test results. They prescribe medication to help with recovery of a patient. Depending on what degree a nurse has they could work in a hospital, clinics, schools, and personal homes.

The requirements to become a Registered Nurse you need to have a clean record, not on drugs, and contain no criminal background. You have to complete high school, one year of college or technical school and pass a licensed exam. RNs can have degrees as high as to become supervisors. Their salaries will rise and they will earn promotions.

The work environment of a LPN, they c heck the vital signs, do a routine of lab tests. They do not need a college degree they only go to technical school or train in college for a year. License Practical Nurses work under the direction of as Physician or a Registered Nurse. Other Professions I would enjoy doing is Cosmetology. Some other professions I would consider or: Physician or Social Worker, I love doing hair and helping others so I hope to further my education in all of my choices.

Nursing fits my persona and has always been my dream. I have natural instincts to take care of people. A good nurse understands when a person is not feeling physically, mentally, or emotionally distressed. I would be the right person to help people through their tough situations. I have always been interested in health and medicine. This is why I want to become an RN.

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