Registered Nurse

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Title:Staff NurseQualifications:RN

Accountable to:Manager

Overall Accountability:Director of Nursing

Aims and Responsibilities

1. To assess, plan, implement and evaluate the client’s needs.

2. To create and maintain with the home’s staff an environment in which all members of staff can contribute to the maximum of their ability in providing a high standard of skilled nursing care to the residents and encourage recognition of the Resident as an Individual. (See Charter of Rights of Residents)

3. To enable Residents to live a fuller life style within the nature of their capability/disability.

4. To know what is meant by British Standard, what constitutes this standard and how is assists the home to maintain and promote standards of care and administration in the home.

5. To demonstrate awareness of how clinical procedures related to residents care are carried out and administered to maintain their well being and to prevent symptoms of ill being.

6. To develop an understanding relationship with the relatives and visitors.

7. To understand and demonstrate in practice how the job contributes to the Caring Homes Ltd goals and objectives.

8. To demonstrate dissemination of information and reporting to/from Matron/Manager.

9. To control the Home’s supplies and that these are used effectively and economically.

10. To recognise the legal implications of nursing documentation

11. To safeguard residents’ property, valuables and personal possessions and ensure relatives are informed when additional clothing is required

12. To be aware of and demonstrate relevant statutory legislation and company policies and procedures e.g. CS Act, UKCC guidelines, Health and Safety (see role specification).

13. To adhere to all procedures (see Policies & Procedures Manuals implemented in the Home and demonstrate understanding in practice.

14. To demonstrate the importance of variation in resident’s condition, staff compliance or non-compliance and any learning points that you might need to know or unsure of or additional skills to remain competent to practice as registered nurse. Report on any mishaps as soon as possible to Matron and record in incident/Accident Report book.

15. To Report on condition of residents, receive instructions and ensure that these instructions are carried out or document reason for non-compliance.

16. To Assess, implement and evaluate care for the residents.

17. To ensure correct implementation of the complaints procedure.

18. To record any faults or repairs in the maintenance book.

19. To act as Nurse-in-Charge of shift.


1. To assess elderly persons with previous H/O psychiatric illness, general acute chronic illness and dementia using various models of care, analyse, plan, implement and evaluate care programmes on an ongoing basis and document in appropriate forms in compliance with policies and procedures of the Home.

2. To demonstrate awareness of packaging of equipment and medical aids related to client care and how to use, store and dispose as necessary.

3. To be able to assess types of wounds and to use various types of wound management products (bandages, tubigrips, primary and secondary dressings, micropore etc) according to the type of would. To demonstrate an understanding of the ageing process and how it affects functions of the body as a whole.

4. To involve Care Assistants at every step of this process. To ensure that they understand the importance of carrying out instructions and deliver care as instructed/expected.

5. To co-ordinate all activities and work of care assistants by giving support and advice as necessary.

6. To demonstrate understanding of primary nursing care and key worker systems implemented in the home.

7. To enable or assist residents to wash/bathe, feed, mobilise, maintain continence or promote...
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