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State regulations that are specific to registration of the sex offender.

In the state of Georgia the regulation that covers the registration of sex offenders is O.C.G.A 42-1-12 (.

Procedural guidelines related to the implementation of the registration/publication program (how long do they have to register? Who pays for registration/publication? etc.)

Sex offenders must typically register prior to or upon release from confinement and/or sentenced to community supervision. The sex offender will have 72 hours to register, after being released. Typically, the Department of Corrections or sentencing court will register the offender upon release or sentence to probation and alert the offender of the requirement to register locally. Sex offenders must go to the local sheriff six must following his/her birth month and update or verify his/her required registration information. Sex offenders are required to be registered in the state of Georgia for “LIFE” unless the courts states otherwise. The only sex offenders that are not required to register are juveniles unless they were convicted as an adult. Sex offenders convicted of a dangerous sexual offense on or after July 1 2006 are required to pay an annual registration fee of 250.00 to the sheriff of the county where they resides upon each anniversary.

What are the penalties for noncompliance?

In the state of Georgia if a individual who is required to register and fails to comply with the requirements, or provide false information, or fails to respond directly to the sheriff within 72 hours of the individual’s birthday shall be guilty of a felony. The punishment for this violation will be imprisonment for not less than 10 no more than 30 years. Second offense offenders shall be punished by imprisonment for life.

Are there Constitutional challenges?

In Georgia the Constitutional challenges are: no sex offender may live, work or loiter within 1,000 feet of any school, childcare facility, school...
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